Create 360° Virtual Reality Tours

Easily & Without having tech skills



You don’t need special tech skills to use the software. OVA VR has a user-friendly interface and we’ll provide you with video-tutorials to help learn how to use it quickly. Our support team is there to help you too!


No need to download any program as the software is cloud-based, which means it won’t take up space in your computer. You’ll access it over the internet (100% online) and all your tours will be hosted online.


You don’t need a website to have a virtual tour. With the direct link of your virtual tour, you’ll be able to share it in on your social media accounts, via email, WhatsApp, Telegram. You may also insert in on your website (if you have one).


The software lets you start video-calls & live chat with your prospects and WITHOUT the need to download any programs! You’ll be able to do so directly inside the virtual tour.


Add sound files to your 360° virtual tour to make it more appealing and interesting. Just add an audio hotspot & upload the audio file to it.


Add more images and/or photos to your virtual tours and your visitors will be able to see them by clicking on the image hotspot.


Videos help to sell as well, so you’ll be able to add this type of media too! If you want to make creative and professional videos, use our OVA VIDEO software.


The software allows you to add links from the virtual tour to your sites or to third party sites. You can add links to your website, to your social media accounts, etc.


If you need to add instructions, detailed information or any type of text, you can add a text hotspot to your virtual tour to include all the text you need. Or you may add in an annotation.


If you are selling or renting a property, you’ll be able to add the floor plan (blueprint) to your virtual tour so that your visitors can get an idea of the place while they take the tour.


Add files to the software so that your visitors can click to download them while viewing your 360° tour. This is useful if you need to share files with your visitors.


You’ll be create a 3D view (dollhouse) for all of the rooms of your virtual tour. This is a superb way of showcasing your virtual tour!


You’ll be able to create landing pages where you may add in more text and media above or below your virtual tour. Plus, you’ll be able to create neat showcases for your virtual tours.


You can create a visual stating for your rooms inside the virtual tour. This will help prospects visualize the space before and after a renovation for example, or before and after adding in furniture to a room.


You’ll be able to add a hotspot that contains a Google Street View and/or Google Map. This is useful so that prospects can easily find where your property is located at.


Each virtual tour that you create inside OVA VR will let you add in your own logo. You may also add in a nadir logo to hide the tripod if your 360° photo sphere happens to show it.


There will be a special hotspot where you may add in custom HTML. This feature is for advanced users that would like in add extra functionalities.


You’ll be able to add in forms to collect prospect’s information in order to contact them later.


Password protection will be available for the whole virtual tour or just for the rooms that you want to secure access. Visitors won’t be able to access the tour until they’ve entered the correct password.


You’ll be able to add in manual presentations, automatic presentations (automatic rotation) and video presentations (upload a video and use it as a presentation for your 360° virtual tour).


The will be a special hotspot for you to add in 3D images and another one where you may add in 360° object images. These are 2 great features about OVA VR.


Each virtual tour as a whole and each room inside of your virtual tour will have their own QR code. Use this code and share it on your flyers for example.


You’ll be able to add animations for the hotspots, cool effects for a room (like snow, rain, fog, fireworks and more), and transitions to ensure a smooth change between one room and another one.


Blurs will help you hide elements that you don’t want to make visible to the public like license plates, house numbers, people’s faces, etc.


There will be a special hotspot where you’ll be able to add in lotties (animated files). This will give your virtual tour an interesting touch.


You’ll see how many people visit your tours and how long they stay per room. You may also add your Google Analytics tracking code to the virtual tour.


When you join OVA VR, you’ll get 100% free: 1 Social Media course, a tutorial on how to take 360° photo spheres with your smatphone (scroll down to the bonuses section to see them all).


Virtual Reality helps you to Sell!

If you create 360° Tours for your Business, you’ll be able to:


Strengthen your Brand with an Attractive tool that helps to Sell

branding is facilitated


Share the tours on: Social Media, via Email, messaging apps, or embed them on your site

social media presence


Facilitate your Online Communication with Live Video Calls & Chat

online business deals

OR, Start Your Own 360° Virtual Tour Service and help people & Businesses to:


Generate Interested Prospects in a Creative Way

sales generation is simpler


Improve their eCommerce by Showcasing their Space/Products


Capture Leads for Email Marketing Campaigns & so much more!

(Compatible with MAC OS & Windows)

The Importance of Virtual Reality Today

It Grabs Attention

Virtual Reality is a Powerful Sales Tool that showcases your space from a 360° perspective. This stands-out and grabs the attention of your potential clients, and makes them more engaged & receptive to your sales process.

It Contributes to your Safety

A virtual tour helps your clients/prospects to view and get a feeling of the place before deciding to schedule an in-person visit. You can show the 360° virtual tour to many people safely and quickly, this helps you to optimize your time and it contributes to your well-being.

If the place can’t be visited in person, the virtual tour will help people to gauge the dimensions of the spaces and feel as if they where there!

virtual reality for real estate businesses


We want to provide you with all the tools you need to be able to succeed online, that’s why we when you subscribe to OVA VR we’ll give you these FREE BONUSES:

  • A training on how to take 360° photo spheres with your smartphone so that you can start to use the software, even if you don’t have a 360° fancy camera.
  • A Social Media course that will teach you how to automate your social media accounts. (Valued at $97, yours for free!)
  • A tutorial on how to embed (insert) your virtual tour into your website created with WordPress or with on any other site created with another CMS system.
Some Examples of 360° Virtual Tours created with this INCREDIBLE Software...

(Click on each one to view them full screen)

A Showcase helps to present multiple Virtual Tours in a Unique way!

(Click the button or click here to view an example.)

This Demo Video Tutorial shows you how EASY it is to use OVA VR!

You’ll LOVE the user-friendly & intuitive interface! Remember, you don’t need tech skills to be able to create beautiful virtual tours with this GREAT SOFTWARE! No website needed either! All is hosted & accessed 100% online.

(Click the video to watch the demo.)

3 Steps to Create 360° Tours
with OVA VR



Upload the spherical photos (360° photos) or the 360° videos to OVA VR. Don’t worry if you don’t have a professional camera, we will show you how to take 360° photos with your smartphone!



Edit the tour by adding Hotspots (additional elements like audio, downloadable files, markers, etc) to make your tour more attractive. You can all of the hotspots that you want.



Save your virtual tour and share the direct link on social media, via email, etc. Or add the embed the code to your site so that it’s available there too. We show you how to this as well. It’s very easy!

Do it Yourself or
Done for You


(Done For You)

$77/per month

(price depends on the quantity of tours, but starts at $77/mo)

Create UNLIMITED Virtual Tours
Video Tutorials to learn to use the software
Detailed Manual to read the written steps
Priority Support Service (via email)
1 Social Media Automation Course
Access to all the other Bonuses
Our team will build the tours for you

Got Questions?

Yes, you can use a credit or debit card to pay. Your payment will be processed by ‘Pagadito’ (a payment gateway). Pagadito works just like Paypal: it’s a platform where you have your card details stored inside your account, and you only use your account to pay online. The business (in this case us) doesn’t see your full card details at the moment of the transaction, nor afterwards. Registering a Pagadito account and using it to pay is 100% free for you (as the user). If you don’t have one, you may register one at the time of checkout. If you’d like more information on Pagadito and it’s awards, please click here.

When you finalize the purchasing process, you obtain immediate access to the training tutorials where we show you how to use the software.

The access to the software itself will be given to you in a maximum of 24 hours for business days and 48 hours if you purchased on a weekend day.

Our support team will configure your OVA VR software account when we receive the purchase notification and we’ll email you the login credentials (user & password) once your account is ready, and it will be in a period no later than the ones stated above.

When you receive your credentials you’ll be able to start creating your virtual tours!

You may create UNLIMITED virtual tours.

You can build them yourself (DIY), or if you’d like to save time we have a plan where our support team builds & edits them for you (done for you).

Yes! You can access it from a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

We recommend you to access it from a PC or Laptop as it provides the best experience (it will be easier for you to create tours on these devices).

The software is cloud-based so you can use it 24/7, given that you have access to the internet and that the software is not under maintenance.


OVA VR is a monthly recurring subscription, you would need to pay for it on a monthly basis.

You can cancel anytime, there are no obligations to remain subscribed. But please bear in mind that if you cancel, you’ll lose all of the virtual tours created with the software (they won’t be visible online anymore).

If you’d like to cancel your subscription, just email us with 15 days before the renewal date so that we can unsubscribe you.

Before answering to this question, we strongly recommend you to watch the video-tutorials where we teach you how to use the software.

Once you’re familiarized with how to use the software, you’ll be able to create virtual tours in a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, it depends on the complexity of the virtual tour that you want to create. For example: a tour that has more 360° photos, will take you longer to edit (add hotspots).


You can charge the price you want. We don’t limit you to a minimum or maximum. You’re free to sell the virtual tours created within your OVA VR software account for the price of your choice. Just bear in mind our Terms of Service.

Be aware that you CAN’T: sell and/or give access to your OVA VR software account to others (third parties). Your OVA VR software account is only for your own use.

No, that feature is currently not available. As of now you can only use the direct link of the virtual tour to share it on social media, via a messaging app and via Email. Alternatively, you can use the HTML embed code to insert the virtual tour on your website.

Remember to read our Terms & Conditions as there are some kinds of content that you’ll not be able to upload to the software. For example: violent videos, media that promotes illegal activities, etc.

“Hotspots” are points of interest (POI) that you can add to your virtual tours. They allow you to add extra elements like text, videos, 360° videos, single images, image galleries, downloadable files, links,  forms, custom HTML code, audio, etcetera.

Markers are a bit different. They are also inserted into your virtual tour but they allow visitors the possibility to click on them and switch between spaces (360° photos/videos). This allows easier navigation between the spaces of your virtual tour.

Absolutely! – support is provided via email and we take it very seriously. You’ll be assisted every time that you need help. Our friendly support team is there to assist you!

Just contact us via the contact form inside of your training account (where you have the video-tutorials). Scroll down below all of the video-tutorials to locate the contact form. Send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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