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Learn How to Create, Edit & Maintain a Website without Having Any Tech skills or learning How to Code!

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Beginner Friendly Video Course that teaches you how to build Beautiful, Modern and Responsive websites!

Step-by-Step Training that is easy to follow and understand.

Learn to Optimize your Website for the Search Engines so that it can rank higher in the search results!

Web design that is easy to learn

It's Time to Discover How to Build Websites in a breeze!

This beginner friendly course shows you how to create WordPress websites easily.

Are You Ready to
Start Creating Awesome Websites?
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Create Stunning Websites
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(No Tech skills required)

This easy website building course will teach you how to create a gorgeous website for your business and/or for your clients, how to upload content, how to ensure it’s secure, how to edit it and maintain it yourself, and last but not least, how to optimize it for the search engines so that it can rank higher on the search engine results page for your desired keywords.

Our detailed video course will take you from a beginner level to an advanced level after finishing it.

Here are more benefits:

100% Online and Self-paced: learn at the time that is most convenient to you.

Beginner Friendly: our course provides simple explanations that will let you grasp each concept quickly even if you’re a newbie. You won’t need to learn any complicated programming languages or processes to be able to build a fully functional website.

Video Training: this course has 300+ video tutorials. We have broken down the process into short but detailed videos so that it’s easier to learn.

Additional materials: you’ll have access to downloadable files and additional resources where you can continue to expand your knowledge.

Future Course Updates are included: you’ll have access to all future updates once they become available (at no additional cost to you).

Support: our friendly support team will be there to help answer your questions via email.

Click on the image below to view what you’ll learn on each module (use the arrows to move to the between pages) or scroll down to read it:

This Course is PERFECT for:

Business Owners

Launch your eCommerce store, your services website, e-learning platform, or any other business that you'd like to have an online presence for.

Exit planning

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Service Providers

Learn to build your own website to showcase your skills, experience & services. Add the top projects that you've worked on to make it impactful.

Market research

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Start creating websites for clients as a side-hustle. Make money as a freelancer, either part-time or full time (this is great skill to learn for work-from-home parents or students)

Resources planning

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Gain a New Skill Today!

Start with Zero Knowledge
and Finish with a Deep Understanding

of How Websites Work,
How to Build a Great one Fast & Easy
& How to Optimize it for Search

No Fancy Computer is needed to start: as long as your computer has access to the internet you'll be good to publish your website online.

Watch the Course as many times as needed: we don't restrict the number of times you watch a lesson or the course.

Launch a Website Soon & be the Next Success Story: don't wait any longer. Take action! Start learning today.

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100% Online & Self-paced
300+ Video Tutorials
Additional Materials
Future Course Updates
Support (via email)
Live Support to help you build ONE site (3 hours max.)
Got Questions?

Explore this section to see if these help answer some of the questions that you might have. Click on each question below to display the answer and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions, we’ll be happy to help you!

After your purchase, you’ll be given a username and password so that you can access the course’s video lessons from our members only area.

Before enrollment: you can ask any questions that you might have related to what we offer. Our friendly support team is always there to guide and help you make the right purchase for you and/or your business. This communication can be through email and/or via chat.

After enrollment and purchase: you may ask any questions about your account, billing/payments, and of course any course-related questions (all done via email). Our team will be there to support you along the way.

However, please note that we don’t provide technical support for your website (the course teaches you how to maintain it on your own and if you happen to run into any issues you’ll most likely need to contact your hosting provider and/or plugin vendor as we won’t have access to troubleshoot those).


The “live support” consists of 1 or multiple working sessions (6 maximum – at 30 minutes each) where we virtually meet on a video conferencing app (like Zoom) and we guide you through the process. You’ll need to share your screen so that we can guide you through the process (but you’ll do the work). This is like hand-holding you through all the process.

And of course, you’ll have access to all the training videos inside the course so that you can refer to them at a later point.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend that you purchase your domain and hosting before attending the first session. If you’d like our help with that as well, we are happy to assist you.

This plan does not support: multisites, multilingual sites, websites that require a forum and/or a complex build.

Contact our support team before purchasing this plan.

That’s great! You can still enroll in this course to learn a new way of building websites (if your website is not a WordPress one, as this course focuses on WordPress websites) AND you can learn how to optimize it for the search engines so that it has a higher chance of ranking in the search engine results page for your desired keyword.

We aim to provide great content inside our courses but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you’ll have up to 3 business days to request a refund if you have not watched more than 15% of the course’s videos. And in the case of the “Builder Advanced” plan if the live support sessions have not started yet and  if you haven’t watched more than 15% of the course’s videos, you may request a refund.

Please bear in mind that you won’t receive the full amount, a small deduction will be subtracted from the total amount as this is the processing fee that the payment gateway charges to send funds.

Note – we do not refund via PayPal, Venmo and/or Zelle. You’ll need to open an account with Pagadito – our payment gateway processor – to be able to receive the refund.

Please email our support team for assistance.

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Learn to build an ecommerce website without having to know any programming language